Where is Your Organization?

Where is Your Organization?

Dear reader, we want to invite you to perform a small exercise. The only prerequisite you need to perform this, is that you either work on any organization or are close to one. It’s possible you have identified some shortcomings this organizations has, but you might also be thinking that is in very good position, has no major problem and it’s going on the right path. It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking, because we’re going to ask some questions related to Internet and Technologies on this organization.

Please answer these questions on a sincere and unsuspecting way. The more honest you answer the better understanding you’ll have of where this organization currently stands.

  • Does your organization have a Website? If your answer is No be careful, the organization is relegated!
  • Does your organization have a high quality website? How do you define high quality?
  • Does the website add value to the consumers, the providers and/or the distributors?
  • The experience a user perceives through the website resembles that of a store (brick-and-mortar) or the call center of the company? Why?
  • Is the website an expenditure or an investment? To date what has been its Return On Investment (ROI)?
  • Is the website updated at least once a week?
  • Do clients use the website frequently? How do you define a good frequency? How do you measure and analyze this?
  • Does your organization use electronic media like Internet (besides email and fax) to communicate with providers, distributors and others?
  • The reception of orders is fully automated (without the intervention of third parties)?
  • Are the systems and computer infrastructure of the organization secured? Is there an internal or external agent in charge of checking for this security and potential flaws?

These questions are just a small showcase of what your company can be doing. If you hesitated with any question, answered negative some or didn’t answer at all, don’t think it over, it’s time to change.

Innovintergy Consulting specializes in corporate consulting services where these and other questions are answered in a strategic way. In other words, we address these issues from a corporate strategy perspective in a way where Internet and Technologies stop being seen as support areas for the company and start working as core components for the company.

For further information and to learn more about how Innovintergy Consulting can add value to you company’s operations, we invite you to contact us. If you prefer, you can send us your contact information and we will call you back.