Defining the Strategic Direction of your Organization

Defining the Strategic Direction of your Organization

Organizations usually define a Strategic Direction that can be seen as the organization’s roadmap. With the strategic direction the organization knows which its objectives are, how will they be accomplished, what resources are required and creates a general scheme of how the organization must work. However a great deal of organizations do not include on their strategic vision two components that are basic for nowadays: Internet and Technologies.

Internet and Technology components have greatly evolved in the last years (even decades) and currently play a major role in any modern organization. Few years ago Internet and Technologies where thought as secondary characters, usually as support areas, but this has been rethink due to changes in the market and business environment.

Organizations have to define a clear strategic direction that takes into account Internet and Technologies. And these two components must be present with a 360° Vision where every single area has a saying: top management, marketing, sales, financial, human resources, logistics and any other area.

When defining a strategic direction that includes a 360° corporate vision, every single area of the company must be analyzed, including all processes in order to gain the maximum possible value. This is precisely what we do at Innovintergy Consulting: we help organizations to establish their strategic direction and then we translate this vision to every area and process. This is done in this fashion because once the corporate objectives are clear, we can go into every single area of the company with ease and calm and provide the greatest value (aligned with the corporate strategy). It’s very difficult and we advise against it to define in just one instance how each area will take advantage of Internet and Technologies. Much better results will be obtained if the corporate wide objectives are defined at the beginning and then this are applied area by area.

This work scheme has several advantages, including fewer mistakes, better understanding of how to take advantage of Internet and Technologies, and continuous learning over time. During this time Innovintergy Consulting will be available to consult you and be your best ally.

If you wish to learn more about our consulting services and how to define a strategic direction including Internet and Technologies, don’t hesitate and please contact us. If you prefer, you can send us your contact information and we will call you back. We will be happy to answer your inquiries and questions.