Constant Business Innovation: Thinking Outside the Box

In human nature, rooted in the essence of our being, our DNA, there are certain characteristics that make us act like we do. When faced to different situations we usually react the same way, or in a combination with a series of ways. It’s rare that we get out of these ways and that you can think of something totally new.

Let’s look at a simple example. Suppose we are drinking water from a bottle and from one moment to another, the drink is spilled on the floor. Most people almost immediately ask themselves, “now what do I do with this spill?” The most logical choices and that which would be selected by the majority of people are: a. Clean the water, b. Call someone else to clean it, or c. Do nothing (it’s on the street, in a public place, etc.). Given this scenario is not common to experience a different reaction, such as drinking the water from the floor with your mouth.

In businesses, something very similar occurs. Given the different situations, companies often have preset actions. Many companies have taken years and have invested heavily in creating manuals that indicate to employees how to deal with different situations. And when the manual does not exist, they react in a standard form, which has been transmitted by superiors, people with more experience and what has been learned in life. It is difficult to break this models and to act differently.

A classic example in organizations is when the sales level of the company are reduced. When this happens, the alarms are turned  in the company and usually, vice presidents, marketing managers and sales are held responsible for the situation. When analyzing the situation, usually  it is decided to take one or more of the traditional routes, which often have worked: a. Reduce the price of products, because that stimulates demand, b. Perform a “packaging” with another own product or an ally, or c. Perform a massive advertising campaign in media such as TV, Radio and Newspapers, to create brand recall. There are other traditional mechanisms, but for now these are sufficient. When the company selects one of these methods is likely to achieve its purpose, but usually at a high price.

These “traditional routes” are  valid and often highly effective. What is not discussed is that these are routes that competition can easily copy and that over time, the customer gets used to them and hardly lets them being taken off the market. If firms remove the box they have on their head and which limites their innovation, you can find equally or more effective alternatives, at a lower cost, with less sacrifices, and even with a greater impact.

Returning to the previous example, possible solutions could include packaging innovation (if it was square, now it can be round), relaunch the brand with a new design, add new functions (value) to the product, among others. Also you could think about doing a campaign on the Internet, for example if it is found that the product is identified as one for “old people” and the new generations do not identify with it. The list of innovative possibilities is very large and this is just a quick example.

In the world in which we live, where constant speed is marked by technological innovations, organizations are marked by this rhythm. Companies that do not understand this, sooner or later are destined to disappear. Experts talk that the most successful companies are those that constantly redefine themselves and innovate. Some even say that a company must be redefined every five years, or else it will eventually disappear.

At Innovintergy Consulting we understand this problem and since we have experiences ir, we know that is a concept that is not easy to understand and use. So we want to be your partner in innovative business processes. Our methodology is designed to help companies to Think Outside the Box, but in a way that suits the characteristics of each company. We aso know that change can bring risks with it, but it is an issue that we deal with Change and Organizational Management.

We invite you to think outside of the box and innovate. Although there are risks, know the advantages that brings this thinking in business. And you can always count on the experience of Innovintergy Consulting  for getting ahead in this process, which must also be constant.

To learn more, please feel free to contact us. If you prefer, you can send us your contact information and we will call you back. We will be pleased to receive your comments and concerns.