We talk about technology without Talking about Technology

The Business Consulting performed at Innovintergy Consulting, are designed to find innovative solutions, usually based on Technology and Internet (in some projects, the process may end in different solutions). However, despite this emphasis, we rarely work with departments Technology Companies. Our main strength lies in working with the Management Areas, as Senior Management, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Logistics, Finance and Accounting, among others.

At Innovintergy Consulting we have over 50 years combined experience in multidisciplinary topics including marketing, sales, logistics, human resources and technology. This allows us to understand the importance of Technology and Innovation in business and how non-technical areas can make the most of them.

We know and understand that the issue of technology is often boring, distant, heavy and highly complex. But our view is that the issue is easy, close and provides great values to businesses. This is our aim and how we work.

In many companies the areas of Systems and Technologies, are seen as necessary evils. These areas are problematic, almost never aligned with corporate strategy and it is usual to be known as the “Doctors No” (to all requirements and needs, they answer “No”). This is a mistaken view, since systems and technologies must interact with other areas and be its main ally, not your enemy. This is a task that also took in Innovintergy Consulting to provide great value to the technical areas.

With well-appropriated technology, as it can be a Web Site System or a System to Manage Customers, companies can get many benefits, such as increased customer acquisition, processing speed and cost reduction, among others. But many times and it’s ideal, the Administrative Areas don’t know what is or how to call the product (Web Site, Client Management System or whatever); they know is that they want to achieve something, like 5% increase in customers or sales. This is great, because a very concise study of the needs, a solution is proposed. During this process we do not talk about technology, simply provide a notion of technologies that can be used. Later when technology experts, engineers and technicians are summoned, we will begin to speak in a technical language.

And if instead, you already have an idea of Technology you want to deploy, we will accompany you to define the details. For example, you may have the idea of having a website, but it can’t be any website. With our support the website that requires your company will be defined, according to your actual needs and with a background study that supports this decision.

It is important to remember that our Consultancies are participatory, so that you and your team will have an active role during this process. We’ll never speak in technical terms or in ways that will confuse you, as we strive to speak your same language.

For more information, please contact us. If you prefer, you can send us your contact information and we will call you back. We will be happy to answer your request.