The Value for Our Clients

The Value for Our Clients

Every project we work on at Innovintergy Consulting is centered on Our Clients and the Value we can contribute. The Value is the main axis on our projects and what we contribute to our clients. It is the Value that companies receive every time they hire our services. It is the increased and palpable Value that can be easily applied to improve projects and current processes. It is the Value to start thinking different when creating new projects and processes.

The projects in Innovintergy Consulting are guided by the value we can achieve for our clients. From each consulting work arises new ways of seeing things, alternatives to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We also deliver new strategies that enable companies to better faceoff the market conditions, employment status and the creation of new projects, among others. In just a few words, through our consulting process we create new values.

Together with the Value (or Values) generated by each consulting we provide additional values that are intrinsic to this process and we want you to know them:

  • We Speak you Same Language: Our consulting group has altogether more than 50 years of experience, with ample technical, engineering and management knowledge. All these knowledge is mixed together, accomplishing an added value that allows us to mediate between the management requirements and the technical reality of your organization. The technical area of your company (or providers) won’t need to use complicated technical jargon because Innovintergy Consulting will be right next to you to intermediate between this technicians and the management area.
  • Projects Based on Value: A great deal of consultants and other professionals charge their services based on hourly rates. With this methodology it’s not unusual that the final cost of the consulting is much higher than the initial estimates or that it had to be halted due to insufficient financial resources. On the other hand with Innovintergy Consulting you’ll know the exact cost from the very start because we charge by value and not by the hour. As long as the project’s objectives and reach keeps the same, you will know the costs from day cero and you will not find any surprises along the way.
  • Actual Transfer of Knowledge: The final result of a work developed by Innovintergy Consulting will never be a bunch of documents and PowerPoint presentations performed by a group of experts, whose only real role is to sit on a desk gathering dust. On the contrary, we develop a participative and interactive methodology where the client’s workgroup is fully engaged with the project. This allows for an immediate transfer of knowledge that doesn’t just end up on documents but rather in the mind of the workgroup.
  • Control and Monitoring: As part of the Innovintergy Consulting value and included in the costs, every consulting work includes 2 follow-up sessions usually to be scheduled 6 and 12 months after completion (times can vary due to mutual agreement with the client). The objectives of these sessions is to make adjustments and new proposals to the initial consulting, thus adding even more value to the solution delivered.
  • Our Guarantee: The quality of the work delivered by Innovintergy Consulting is 100% guaranteed. Now we can’t guarantee the execution of the results found during the consulting process, due to uncertainties like economic or political instability or the departure of a person vital to the process; these events can radically change the outcome of our work. However we are certain of the quality of our work and we stand by it from day cero until we end the consulting process.


And this is just the beginning. We are constantly seeking new ways to increase our Value and make your Return On Investment even higher and that it’s represented in the maximum benefits.

Please contact us and learn more about Innovintergy Consulting and how our experience can help your company accomplish its objectives, like cost reductions, process optimization, employment status and greater market share, among others, by using Internet and Technologies on a strategic and tactical way. If you prefer, you can send us your contact information and we will call you back.