What do we do at Innovintergy Consulting?

Innovintergy Consulting is a business unit of InBestMen S.A.S. We were created in early 2010 to help companies find its north and Technological course, in a strategic manner, relevant to the organizational needs. We also work on Corporate Innovation, bringing our clients (companies) new schemes and ideas to address traditional problems mainly based on Internet Technology, but without forgetting that innovation is much more and that innovation can have great impact on businesses with simple things like change the way products (packaging) or attributes of the product or service are presented.

Technologies and Internet in Businesses

Technologies, seen as  software (or computer programs), electronic devices (computers, servers, wireless devices, etc.), communication networks and the Internet, among others, are a subject that is traditionally handled in enterprises by the Systems and Technology departments. This seems an entirely logical view, where those who know the subject deal with them.

The truth is that IT and especially Internet have changed the way business is done and an issue of such importance can not be handled exclusively by the areas of technology and business systems. Thus, the technology in recent years, even decades, has gone from being an area of support to a strategic area. The vision of Innovintergy Consulting, which is shared by many of the most successful companies in the world, is calling for a change in the way we understand the technology in the business environment.

Nowadays the areas and departments of Senior Management, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Human Resources, Finance, Organization and others, should play an active role in the decisions of Technology for the Organization. These areas must define, as an ongoing task, along with the areas of technology, which technological tools must be used by the company. These areas, for their business knowledge in their specific areas, are called to define the technological course of the business.

Business Innovation

Along with the good use of technologies in business, it is important to consider the role of innovation. Innovation is usually tied with Technology, which is a valid view. But innovation goes much further and is important for companies to constantly innovate, because it is the way to stay in the market, to get and keep customers and generate economic profit.

There are many definitions of innovation, which is why at Innovintergy Consulting we propose the following for what should be an innovation:

  1. Innovation should bring new value(s) to the organization
  2. Innovation should bring positive returns on their investment

With this, we mean that innovation does not have to include the development of something new. There is no need to reinvent the business, only include components where the company receives new values. And it is very important to measure the results of this exercise, since in a predefined time, the company has to generate economic returns being an investment, not an expense.

At Innovintergy Consulting we Help with Technology Strategy, Internet Strategy and Innovation

From the two previous sections it’s possible to understand the importance Technology, Internet and Innovation in Enterprises. If we add to this the inclusion of Administrative Areas, a company can radically change the way they understand their business, how it leverages its environment and finally, how it generates profits. The problem is that this is usually easier said than done.

Here is where Innovintergy Consulting enters. We have a multidisciplinary team with experience in Systems and Technology departments, as in Administrative Areas and Senior Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Organization, Human Resources and others. We are an innovative team that with our experience, we have learned to speak both the language of Technology and Management. We have managed to communicate in an excellent manner in the two “languages”.

Our job is to work directly with the Administrative Areas in finding solutions based on innovation and technology, to solve all type of business situations. For example, if your company wants to create a new Web site, our consultants will define a comprehensive Internet Strategy, where we look at what kind of website is required (your company should not be satisfied with any web site) the presence to have on other media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), how to position the Website, among others, all based on the real needs of the company and what your customers expect.

Similarly, if the problem is not technology, for example you want to increase sales by 10% at one year, we will analyze the problem, the actors involved (employees, suppliers, distributors, customers), constraints (organizational , legal, etc.) and jointly seek (client and Innovintergy Consulting) innovative solutions to achieve these goals.

For more information on how we work, please contact us. If you prefer, you can send us your contact information and we will call you back. It will be a pleasure to attend your requirements.