Expected Results with Innovintergy Consulting

Expected Results with Innovintergy Consulting

The needs and requirements are unique to every single client and this is how we proceed with our consulting services. In every work we take on, we strive to offer the greatest possible Value to our clients offering the best of our capacity and knowledge. Always, every single time!

With our consulting work we maximize the ROI (Return On Investment) of our clients. This is accomplished by providing solutions that are creative, innovative, viable and with high impact that can be used by organizations on the short, medium and long term. We also provide Actual Transfer of Knowledge by involving from day cero the client’s core team. This interactive and participatory methodology where findings are immediately transferred to the client and its workgroup makes knowledge palpable and easy to be used and applied.

As we progress with the consulting work the client will be assured that he has hired an ally that speaks his same language. The team behind Innovintergy Consulting has ample knowledge and experience in management (top management, marketing, sales and others) and technical subjects, allowing us to understand you and mediate with other areas to accomplish the organization’s objectives.

The quality of our work is 100% guaranteed. We can’t guarantee the execution of our findings because of the high uncertainty it has, like political or economic instability or for example the resignation of a key player inside your company. These and other situations can totally change the result of the consulting process. However we are certain about the quality of our work and we back it up since day cero until the day we end our services with your company.

As part of our guarantee statement and our continuous interest for the best results of our consulting work, we offer our clients two follow-up consulting sessions. These sessions are generally held 6 and 12 months after we end the consulting service, although these times can change due to a common agreement with the client. The additional sessions have no extra charge for the client, except transportation and per diem.

Our reason for being is our clients and we strive to be the client’s greatest allies and accomplish their corporate objectives. We work hard and we don’t just look after your goals but if it’s possible, we go further.

Every time we start a new consulting assignment we establish the goals with the client and the time this will take us. This is a group work, interactive and participative, where both the consulting team and the client’s team work together to reach the goal. During this process several methodologies, focuses and resource will be use to accomplish the goal. The obtained result will be palpable and can easily be implemented in the organization. This is our promise, obtaining a high value result for our client’s organization.

In a short brief, when you hire Innovintergy Consulting your company will obtain a high quality consulting where concrete proposals to take advantage of Internet and Technology will be submitted, analyzing the particular needs of the company’s areas and processes. As the result of this consulting the company will be able to make developments and internal changes (that can be accompanied by Innovintergy Consulting) to augment productivity, reduce costs, increase the number of clients and sales levels, while producing greater profitability and facing competition and the market’s new requirements.

At Innovintergy Consulting we like to surprise our clients with innovative and high value solutions. It will be our pleasure to show this to you and that is why we want to hear from you. Please contact us and leave us your query. If you prefer, you can send us your contact information and we will call you back. We hope to hear from you soon!