Our Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services

Innovintergy Consulting is a business unit of InBestMen S.A.S., originally created on 2010 as a response to the growing need of businesses to include on their Corporate Strategy Internet and Technology components. When we talk of including these components, we mean of taking into account Internet and Technologies as strategic and tactical components, something that’s absent on most organizations.

Nowadays most companies have some type of presence on Internet. Surely you can think of several websites that you’ve seen on the last days, months or even years. However, which of these websites have captured your attention, to the point that you have return to the site or add it to your bookmarks? And if the site was able to capture your attention, what was the reason for this?

It’s an unfortunate fact that most corporate websites go unnoticed because they weren’t created to capture the visitor’s interest. Most sites are simple and gather basic information just to be online. Others have some more content. However in any of these cases, a large percentage of the sites are online for non strategic reasons, including responding to clients’ demands or not being left behind from their competition. And this is a big mistake that happens frequently.

Internet is a very attractive medium with multiple opportunities where businesses that use it can have great rewards. However the decisions of how, when and in what fashion the Internet presence is built must be strategic and answer the business’ objectives. To understand better, we propose a simple example. Suppose that you are in charge of a supermarket chain that currently has 10 locations on your home town. Now this company wants to increase their presence in another city by establishing 5 new locations on the course of the next 3 years. This is clearly a strategic decision, where the costs, income, risks and benefits are known from the start. Furthermore this decision was well thought and didn’t come out of “the blue”. Having (or renewing) the corporate presence on the Internet must follow this same parameters and guidelines: it must be a strategic and tactical decision, where every action is justified and where the costs, income, risks and benefits are known.

Something very similar happens with the technologies on organizations. Currently many businesses rely on information systems for their processes and daily work, but technology rarely takes on a strategic role. What usually happens is that technologies and the development department (if the company has one) are seen as a support role for the entire organization.

We are a small boutique-consulting firm, which is characterized by a high value return and personalized one on one work.

We invite you now to read more about our 360° Vision: A Thorough Look at Organizations and also to Internet and Technologies with High Return On Investment (ROI). We also want you to assess the state of you organization with respect to Internet and Technologies, so we invite you to read Where is Your Organization?

Remember to visit our Values Proposal where you can learn that one of our main advantages is having experience on the field of technology but supplemented with management, marketing and sales knowledge. This enables us to be ideal partners between the systems experts (technicians and engineers) and the remaining areas of your company.

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