360° Vision: A Thorough Look at Organizations

Organizations are usually thought as living organisms where different areas work on specialized themes to accomplish one corporate goal. Among these areas, there are strategic ones and others that support the former ones. This difference makes the strategic ones play a more active role for the company. For example, the technology department is part of the support areas and although it is important for the company, it has a simpler role (with respect to the organization’s objectives) when you compare it with say, the commercial area. This situation brings several problems for the companies, including an inability to maximize components such as Internet and Technology.

Innovintergy Consulting was created to help solve these problems. Throughout our consulting service we will examine Organizations as a whole, analyzing how Internet and Technology components can be used by every single area and department in a strategic and tactic fashion, and with well defined organization wide objectives. The following diagram illustrates and resumes our 360° vision on the average organization:

Innovintergy Consulting

Diagram property of InBestMen S.A.S. and Innovintergy Consulting

Although this model varies from organization to organization it captures the general scheme of how we believe organizations should include Internet and Technology components. Any organization can (and should) add the Internet and Technology components to every single area of the company in order to increase value and optimize processes. For example, let’s take a company that as part of its corporate strategy has decided to cut the consumption of paper. This company can easily accomplish this goal if the different areas of the company rely heavily on information systems, maybe design for Internet access. For this same example, the company could create a system where providers enter all their input through the Internet.

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