Pro Bono Work

Pro Bono Work

As part of the mission and vision of InBestMen and Innovintergy Consulting we constantly offer our consulting services to nonprofit organizations. We consider vital to our existence, giving back to our community and this is an excellent means to accomplish it. Nonprofit organizations, like any profit company requires the best tools to grow and face a changing world and that’s the reason why our consulting can benefit them.

Most of this consultancies are free and in others we charge for some items (like transportation), but it all depends on the situation of the entity. We look for entities that are aligned to our corporate values and where our contribution will help.

In the past we have worked (or are still working) will the following organizations:

All the time we’re searching for organizations that fulfill these requirements. If you want us to consider a new organization, please contact us and tell us how to contact them (the person we must talk to), how our consulting can help and generally, how can we help. Please take into account that this is just a first approximation and that we can reject any proposal at our sole discretion, due to motives like lack of time or that the organizations doesn’t fulfill our criteria.

Please note that the Pro bono work is ONLY offered to entities that are legally registered as nonprofits. We don’t use this model to work with government entities (for this they must hire a normal consulting). Also take notice that we are located in Bogotá, Colombia and unless we’re working on another project near the organization’s location, you must pay transportation and per diem costs. Nonetheless, send us your proposal and we’ll do everything to help this organization.