Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Innovintergy Consultingg is a business unit of InBestMen S.A.S., a company legally constituted in Bogotá, Colombia. At InBestMen S.A.S. we have always stand behind the quality of our products and this is no exception for the services performed by Innovintergy Consulting.

Our consulting process have a 100% money back guarantee over operational costs, excluding transportation, per diem, food, events held and others. We are certain about the quality of our work and that is why we stand behind it.

Now it is impossible to guarantee the results proposed by our consulting services, because there are many uncertainties and situations beyond our control. For example, let’s suppose that our proposal leaded to the increase in sales but the political and/or economical situation was adverse and the results were not the expected ones, something that is out of our control. Or for example, if the execution of the consulting process depended on a key person and he quitted from your company, something fortuitous and again not in our control. Also, you as the client must lead any proposed changes (we help to propose changes, but execution is in your hands). Achieving results is the client’s responsibility and although we can help in this process, is the client who decides what changes to implement in his organization.

For the previous reasons we guarantee our methodology and the quality of our work. We always strive to produce the greatest possible value and doing the impossible to accomplish the goals we have proposed to you, our customer. Even when problems arise, like those mentioned on the previous paragraphs, we provide follow-up sessions where alternatives are sought.

We invite you to contact us so you can know more about our consulting services and the guarantee we offer. If you prefer, you can send us your contact information and we will call you back.