Users should be the center of the Solutions

The work we do at Innovintergy Consulting are diverse, in companies of many sizes and different economic sectors. No matter the type of work or how different it is to work we have done previously, we have something very clear: Solutions to ProvideWill be Used by Users (Actors).

The statement above seems logical and obvious, but it is usual to find people and companies that ignore this. This is true especially when the subject is related to technologies. Surely on more than one occasion, you have used an apparatus, a computer or something that you used, wondered, “Who did they designed this for?”, since its use is very complex.

Regardless of whether the solution will be found after the intervention of Innovintergy Consulting and if it includes or not a technological component, our goal is that the proposed solutions are usable by  the users. Thus, if a solution requires the involvement of customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, contractors, shareholders or whoever, our work includes checking that these people truly intend to use these solutions. We may present the most innovative solutions, with the latest technology and trends. But if people do not understand how to use it, it’s confuses or simply they reject the solution, we have accomplished nothing.

Thus, Innovintergy Consulting is always attentive to place customer priorities on top of the solutions. Likewise, the customers who actively participate in the consultation process, will be remembered about this constantly, making it a habit for both the customers and us. The solutions proposed will be considered truly successful only if they are accepted and massively used by users, creating value for the customer’s business and a positive economic return, all with measurable indicators, proposed at the beginning of  the process.

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