Managing Organizational Changes

In the business world, one of the most common problems that companies face are changes in organizations. It is relatively common to find companies that ignore the effects that changes can have on employees, contractors, distributors and suppliers, among others.

When a company changes something in the way it operates, which can be as simple as its hierarchy, objectives or means of communication to something much more complex as the systematization of processes or migration of a technological platform to another, people will be affected . It is vital to anticipate these changes and how different people will be affected by them.


People: An asset that we can not Ignore

Although it may sound very commercial and even negative, people in business are assets. Companies have been invested money in training and education and is largely thanks to them that the company operates. People are one of the most important assets that businesses have and are not easily replaced.

Likewise, we have to understand how people react to different situations they face. For example, what will happen with John Bell and Annie Getz, if from one moment to another they change their role in the company, their boss and their importance? And what if the processes carried out by John and Annie, which were manual, overnight become operated by a Computer?

The reactions of Annie and John can be very different, as with any human. Among the principal may be joy, sense of accomplishment, but also can be negative reactions. For example, when technologies are created in companies, it is usual that people are threatened. This reaction occurs among others, because these people feel that technology are replacing them or because they have been doing things one way and do not want an outsider, in this case a system, to tell them what to do.

These reactions should not be neglected or taken lightly. In the academic literature, there are many documented cases where investments of thousands or millions of dollars ended up in the trash (literally) because people refused to use the technologies or changes hired by the companies.

Thus, it is vital to understand people, their needs, their hopes and their requirements. This is a job we take very seriously at Innovintergy Consulting and is the basis of all our projects. So in all our Consulting services, we analyze the solutions, which are defined together with the client, seeing how they can affect different stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, vendors, contractors, etc.) and how to get them to accept change .

Our methodology is based on the idea of inclusion, in which we empower the different actors. Their views will be taken into account, which also allows us to continue creating knowledge for the solution, thus offering our customers the best solutions.

Change is natural in all Organization and should be viewed as a positive aspect. Innovintergy Consulting will work with you to achieve this vision and implement changes, whatever they are, to be conducted in a successful manner. Investments will be reflected in a widespread use, great returns and broad benefit to all the organization.

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