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Welcome to Innovintergy Consulting corporate Blog. In this Blog we publish from time to time articles and position papers (also known as whitepapers) we develop on the themes of Internet and Technologies seen form a strategic and tactical view for organizations.

These articles and whitepapers can be accessed freely and can be accessed by anyone. You can reproduce them on other media as long as you provide full credit to us the writers, including the webpage (URL) where you took the article from. However every text, photos, images, videos, audio or any other material are property of InBestMen S.A.S. and Innovintergy Consulting.

We hope you enjoy these articles and whitepapers, that you share them with others and that you leave us your comments. We will be happy to receive your opinions and comments. And if you want to know more about Innovintergy Consulting please visit the rest of our website or contact us.

The following are articles published so far:


  • The Wastage of Internet and Technologies in Companies: It is difficult to think of a company that nowadays doesn’t use technologies. In one way or another technology is a part of our daily life, including businesses, some using it more than others. The most basic companies and does that run away from technologies will at least use electricity to power a light bulb and might have a phone. However this is not the rule, but rather the exception. Most businesses use technology massively, with computer systems and software that helps manage resources, sales (POS) and accounting.
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